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Rhymes and Laws: A Legal Rap

Yo, listen up, I got some legal info to drop,
From North Dakota to Afghanistan, ain’t gonna stop.
Let’s talk legal services in Fargo,
If you need help, they got your back, don’t worry.

How many US contractors have died in Afghanistan?
The numbers are high, it’s such a sad refrain.
Check out the EA license agreement,
It’s crucial to know, gotta be legally adamant.

The legal age of consent list,
Know your rights, don’t get caught in a twist.
Civil law, it’s all about understanding the basics,
Gotta know the process, don’t get caught in a fix.

When it comes to separation, legal advice is free,
Expert guidance to help you through, just trust me.
Is escorting legal in New Jersey?
The laws and regulations, they’ll tell you what to do.

Who pays for the rental agreement in India?
Legal guidelines and responsibilities, it’s all here, no need to wonder where to find ya.
And if you’re looking for a NZ company number,
Look no further, find the info you need to remember.

Environmental laws and policies, gotta stay in line,
Compliance is key, don’t cross that line.
With all this legal knowledge in your head,
You’re set for success, now go forth and spread!

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