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Public Service Ad for Broadcast TV Debuts Tonight

The Dover Youth to Youth program recently completed production on its first broadcast quality TV public service ad and the finished product will debut on Channel 9 and other channels today.

The video, titled Breaking Up, encourages smokers to quit and to use the New Hampshire resources available – the web site and the toll free number 1-800-try-to-stop. In the ad, actors spoof breaking up with an unseen girlfriend or boyfriend. At the conclusion, it is revealed they are breaking up with cigarettes.

The anti-drug group’s first TV spot will begin playing today (March 11th) on abc’s the Ellen Show between 4:00 – 5:00 pm on WMUR TV channel 9. It will play intermittently on Ellen in that time slot for the rest of March. The spot will also be seen regionally on three cable channels. Youth to Youth has contracted with Comcast to show the spot 100 times on NESN, MTV and the Hallmark Channel over the next 3 weeks.

For a long time Dover Youth to Youth has been well known for its creative radio public service spots on tobacco, underage drinking and other drug use. The students have made more than 70 radio ads over the past 15 years, several of which have won awards.

Over the past 2 years the students have been pursuing an interest in, and receiving training on, video production. Breaking Up was created by Dover Youth to Youth with production assistance from Jeff Spires of Spires Video of Dover. The students brought their script to Spires, who assisted with the technical process of filming for broadcast.

The voices, roles, and music were all performed by members of Youth to Youth. Youth to Youth member Nick Piscitello, a sophomore at Dover High, created the music background. The video was directed by Dover High School senior Kaitlyn Hutchins who is a member of the group’s leadership team. Hutchins hopes to one day pursue a career in directing and she has applied to a variety of college programs in California for film production.

Breaking Up can also be seen on Dover Youth to Youth’s YouTube Channel: DoverY2Y

The Youth to Youth students have already begun production on the next two videos – both targeting underage drinking. One called “The Fridge” encourages parents to be careful with the alcohol in the home so young teens or pre-teens don’t have easy access to it. Surveys of Dover students have consistently shown that the most common source of a kid’s first few drinks was their own home or the home of a friend.

The other video being planned features the story of Taylor Meyer, a young girl that died following a drinking party in the woods. Taylor left the party drunk and walked in the wrong direction deeper into the woods – eventually dying of exposure. Taylor’s mother will speak in the video and present a cautionary message about the power of alcohol to harm kids, even if they are not driving.

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