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The Dover Coalition for Youth has developed a comprehensive approach to tobacco prevention that includes:

    • Reducing Access to Tobacco: through parent education, vendor education and regular compliance checks at retail outlets.
    • Reducing exposure to Second Hand Smoke: by taking steps to increase the number of public places that are smoke free as well as encouraging smoke free homes, vehicles and worksites.
    • Raising Public Awareness of Tobacco Issues: through an aggressive media campaign targeting both youth and adult community members.
    • Education: about tobacco issues for adults and parents, as well as the youth, through classroom instruction, public presentations and community awareness projects.
    • Reaching out to Youth: and making them true partners in the effort to get the message out to other youth and adults.

Recently, the Coalition has developed a comprehensive program designed at eliminating secondhand smoke, a leading cause of preventable death that kills 53,000 nonsmokers each year. The Coalition’s comprehensive program has a goal to increase the proportion of smoke-free environments, including workplaces, restaurants, homes and vehicles.

The Dover Coalition is also proud to have joined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) tobacco-free sports movement. The Coalition has been collaborating increasingly in recent years with the Dover Recreation Department to encourage Dover’s youth to be healthy and drug free. Some of our tobacco-free sports initiatives include team sponsorships, sports sign up events, CoachSmart NH coaches trainings and a smoke-free children’s clothing line.

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