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Parent Program

Each year the Coalition partners with the Dover Police Department to host the Parents And Community Together (PACT Program).

This is a voluntary program designed to enhance the lessons learned in the 5th grade D.A.R.E. program. If you elect to join the Parents And Community Together (PACT) Program, it will involve three evening training sessions (one per month). Each session will last for approximately 2 Hrs. In addition, there will be four worksheets (homework assignments) that are to be completed by the student and adult working together.

The program was developed because parents, and other important adults, are the most influential people in your child’s life. Research has consistently shown that drug use is much less common in homes where the dangers of drug use are discussed and where students perceive that there is a strong “no use” message given in the home. It is often awkward or difficult for parents to initiate a conversation about drug use. Parents do not always feel confident about their own understanding or level of information about the drugs that are available to their children. This program will provide both up-to-date information and a mechanism that will produce regular discussions regarding drug issues between adult and student. In addition, parents will become intimately familiar with the strategies and philosophies given to their children in the DARE classroom. This makes it easier for them to support and reinforce the DARE Program, and send a consistent message to their children.

Each session is 2 hours long and focuses on drug information, influences on teens or parenting strategies. Below is an outline of the 3 lessons.

  • Session 1: This session is taught by a police officer and provides detailed information on drugs that are commonly used, how to identify them, the consequences and strategies to prevent drug use.
  • Session 2: This lesson focuses on influences in teens lives such as peers and the media. We share in-depth information on messages that teens are exposed to and how parents can work to counteract those messages.
  • Session 3: The last session focuses on bring all of the information together and applying the knowledge. We break the class into small groups and have Youth to Youth students present short skits of situations that parents may face with the kids. Parents are then given the opportunity to talk through the situation, try responding and determine how they will handle tough questions or situations about drug use. 

Police Officers, who will be teaching D.A.R.E. to your children, will also teach these evening sessions. These classes will be entertaining and interesting and your participation is encouraged. CONCLUSION The DARE Officer has only 45 minutes per week for 11 weeks to make an impact on your child. The DARE Program is so much more effective when the lessons, strategies and principles are reinforced and emphasized in the home also.

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