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Ginger Katz Presentation

Dover Middle School students will get a special visit from author and nationally recognized speaker Ginger Katz on Monday April 8th. Ms. Katz wrote the book Sunny’s Story; a compelling drug prevention story told through the eyes of Sunny, the family beagle. This story, age appropriate for middle school students, tells of joyful times and sad times, and of how a dog’s best friend was needlessly lost to drugs.

During the month of March every Dover Middle School class read the book Sunny’s Story. In addition to reading the book students had the opportunity to write a letter to the author and will hear her presentation when she appears at the school. Mrs. Katz will speak during the school day to grades 5 and 6, followed by another assembly for grades 7 and 8.

The Dover Coalition for Youth is also sponsoring a community presentation, open to any member of the public, which will be held on Monday April 8th at 6pm at the Dover Middle School in the Renaissance Theater.

At the evening presentation, Ginger Katz, CEO and Founder of The Courage to Speak Foundation, will share the story of her son Ian’s losing battle with drugs. “Even if you think your child will never do drugs, it is important that you find out what their peers are doing and everything they are being exposed to” states Ms. Katz, who in 1996 lost her son Ian to an accidental drug overdose when he was just 20 years old.

“By the time students are in 8th grade, nearly 20% of them report that they have consumed alcohol within the last month”, said Vicki Hebert, coordinator of the Dover Coalition for Youth. “The Coalition recognizes that substance abuse needs to be talked about at an early age and is excited that nearly 1,200 Dover Middle School students will hear Ms. Katz tell her story”.

Through Ms. Katz’ presentation, adults begin to recognize the telltale signs of alcohol and other drug use. The presentation is being sponsored by the Dover Coalition for Youth, Dover Youth to Youth, the Dover Police Department, and the Dover Middle School.


During the presentation Lary Katz read the following poem written by Richard Montalban to his son.

Dear Child,

As long as you live in this house you will follow the rules. When you have your own house, you can make your own rules. In this house, we do not have a democracy. I did not campaign to be your parent. You did not vote for me. We are parent and child by the grace of God, and I accept that privilege and awesome responsibility. In accepting it I have the obligation to preform the role of a parent. I am not your pal. Our ages are too different. We can share many things, but we are not pals. I am your parent. This is 100 times more than what a pal is. I am also your friend, but we are on entirely different levels. You will do, in this house, as I say, and you cannot question me because whatever I ask you to do is motivated by love. This will be hard for you to understand until you have a child on your own. Until then, trust me.

Your Parent

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