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The Dover Coalition for Youth has developed a comprehensive approach to underage drinking and other alcohol abuse prevention that includes:

  • Reducing Access to Alcohol: through parent education, vendor education and regular compliance checks at retail outlets. Comprehensive compliance checks are completed for all stores, restaurants and bars in Dover each year.
  • Raising Public Awareness of Alcohol Issues: through an aggressive media campaign targeting both youth and adult community members. We have found that radio public service announcements (PSAs) are an effective way to raise public awareness of alcohol related issues.
  • Education: about alcohol issues for adults and parents, as well as the youth. Youth to Youth students educate youth and adult audiences on alcohol related issues through presentations on issues such as their media literacy presentation and their presentation called: The 8 Things the Alcohol Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know. The coalition also sponsors alcohol-related classroom presentations in the 6th grade and presentations for parents including one entire 2 hour session of the Parents Program.
  • Reaching out to Youth: and making them true partners in the effort to get the message out to other youth and adults. We are particularly active in reaching out to youth through the use of radio ads, theatrical skits, presentations, and community and school awareness projects such as the Logo Lampoon, the Gear Exchange, and the Alcohol Warning Labels Project. Youth in our program have also gotten involved in legislation to make a difference.
  • Policy Change: Youth coalition members were instrumental in passing the Party Host Liability Law in New Hampshire.
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