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Town Hall Meetings

Breaking the Chain of Underage Drinking

Alcohol use among our nation’s youth is a significant public health and economic problem. In New Hampshire, underage alcohol use is the number one youth drug problem and is six times more likely to kill young people than all illegal drugs combined. In an effort to curb underage alcohol problems, communities across the country are organizing a nationwide series of town hall-style meetings. Fifteen of these sessions will be held in New Hampshire. Locally, the Dover Coalition for Youth is holding one on April 19th.

The meeting increased the understanding of the prevalence and risks associated with underage drinking. Participants will heard from two speakers. Christopher Sullivan was a defensive lineman with the New England Patriots for 5 years. Chris shared his story of how alcohol and drug use affected his career in the NFL. Kathi Meyer also shared her story of how her 17-year-old daughter, Taylor, died after a night of drinking. Kathi detailed that night and how elements of the community could have intervened and broken the chain of events. The presentation sparked conversations about the role that each member of the Dover community has in addressing the problem of underage drinking.

Check out the Foster’s Daily Democrat article for more information about the event.

Hear a sample of Kathi’s message in the radio PSA that Youth to Youth created with Kathi.


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