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Legal Rap

Legal Rap Guide

Yo, listen up, I got some legal tips to share,

Need to know what’s Rule 74 of the Rules of Court? I’m your legal mare,

Get your free Florida prenuptial agreement template, make sure your assets are ample,

How do you accept the license agreement on Rocket League? It’s simple, so don’t be too nimble,

Check out these examples of license agreements, protect your content, don’t leave it to disparagement,

Want to understand home insurance policy contracts? It’s usually a standard, not abstract,

Got some legally sufficient real estate and want to make it lucrative?

Play it safe, know the workplace rules and policies, don’t be too provocative,

Are engine bikes legal in Ireland? Know the laws, make sure you’re not retaliant,

Familiar with anti-dumping laws in Australia? Don’t be in the dark, don’t be a failure,

Get your FLETC law enforcement instructor certification, get ready for some criminal confrontation.

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